Queens Teaching Queens Annual Membership

Queens Teaching Queens Annual Membership

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Queens Teaching Queens is a mega data base of sisterhood. We are leaders. We are wives. We are mothers. We are friends. We are business women. But most importantly, we are women FIRST. We focus on the WHOLE woman, and not just any one role that makes us who we are. You don't have to do this crazy thing we call life, alone. We welcome you to the Queendom Sis!


The 4 R's of a Transformational Community

Relationships - Relationships are at the very foundation of every community. Transparency, vulnerability, and humility are at the core of uniting us as a sisterhood. We go deep, and the bonds that have been created are even deeper.

Resources - I know you have heard that saying, "It's not what you know, but who you know." Imagine being surrounded with women who are not afraid, insecure or unwilling to share the resources and tools that have helped them succeed.

Retreats - What entertains you, trains you. The environments and the spaces that you occupy should allow you the opportunity to be your authentic self, to learn and to grow. We plug in to experiences that transform the whole woman, and we have fun while doing it.

Results - When you are surrounded by a supportive community, encouraged to be your truest self, given space to become the highest version of yourself, and the grace to fall and to be picked up with care from your sisters, transformational life changing results occur.