Queens Teaching Queens Presents Galentine's Day: Get In Your Bag Queen

Queens Teaching Queens Presents Galentine's Day: Get In Your Bag Queen

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Queens Teaching Queens is a network of high value women who circulate wealth, knowledge and impact so we can influence our communities. Financial Literacy, Economic expansion, and intentional relationship building is key for not only taking ourselves to the next level, but our communities as well. 


We are the change

Want to know a secret?

Last year I was broken. Yes, the visionary, Natisha Livingston was broken trying to run a business. Hosting classes and mentoring people in between crying my eyes out; being in so much pain. I see many of us in that same position.  And you probably just felt your stomach drop a little because you thought this whole time no one knew. I see you though. Broken and pouring out to others, broken and trying to break generational curses, broken and just getting by. Chasing the bag, only focused on the money and entrepreneurship, but neglecting the entrepreneur-neglecting you. See for you to really be in your bag you must do the work, the internal work. 3 years ago I created the 5 pillars of getting in your bag:
•Healing your trauma
•Increasing your confidence
•Shifting your mindset


It wasn’t until last year after applying these concepts myself did I find myself truly in my bag. I don't know if you can relate to this. The pain you might be in, you don't have to be. I want to let you know I see you, and I've created space for you to grow and transform. You have to be here 👇🏾


Galentine's Day: Get In Your Bag Queen

February 11-13, 2022

Sacramento, CA

Whats's included in Flash Sale Ticket:

  • Conference Day Entry: Sunday, February 13, 2022
  • Complete Access to the Digital Entrepreneur's Guide Bundle*

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  • Friday: Mix + Mingle with speakers + entrepreneurship panel
  • Saturday: Morning Brand Shoot + Evening Sister Circle with speakers
  • Conference Day Entry: Sunday, February 13, 2022
  • Limited edition: This is My Networking Shirt T-shirt *Must add to cart
  • Complete Access to the Digital Entrepreneur's Guide Bundle*


 *If you are doing any type of business online you now have the complete blueprint to being successful in this digital space. You will receive 3 ebooks, along with 3 downloadable workbooks to take your business to the next level.

  • Learn how to create connecting content and increase engagement with your audience
  • Learn Natisha Livingston's 3 step methodology to building relationships and selling in the DMs
  • Learn how to grow your online and in person network